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 With Raw Food diet guru David Wolfe and author of the books "The Sunfood Diet Success System" and "Eating for Beauty"



With Wiley Brooks, American breatharian and author of the book "Bretharianism: Breathe and Live Forever"


With Miss Blueberry of Maine, 2002



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With Hulk Hogan, a famous wrestler and author of the book "Hollywood Hulk Hogan." I signed my book to Hulk and he said, "Thank you, brother. I'll read your book."  


With Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., an author of a dozen books on nutrition and recent New York Times bestseller "Fat Flush Plan."  Her endorsement: "A scholarly and masterful work, Control for Life Extension, is destined to become a classic."  


With Dr. Fred Bisci, raw foodist for over 30 years and Paul Nison, author of "The Raw Life"




a book on physical and mental health, fitness and longevity. It provides the motivation, inspiration and practical ways for middle-life and older people to improve as well as lengthen their lives, even if they do not have a great heredity or were born with blood type A (lowest life span among blood types). It is based on the authorís extensive research on longevity and over twenty years long experience in health improvement through diets, fasting and exercises including yoga. This comprehensive guide covers all major aspects of personís life related to their body, mind and spirit.

    A major idea of the book is that satisfaction of the basic human biological needs for food, air, water, sleep and sex, if  done with restriction and moderation, generates many noticeable benefits for health and longevity. It shows how to control each of these needs as well as emotions and thoughts. The six-stage cleansing of vital organs, the juice and water fasting, and alternate dry fasting for rejuvenation, as well as approaches to longevity (including this author's) are also described (Continue)



With Brenda Watson, author of the book "Renew Your Life"


With Brenda Cobb, author of the book "The Living Foods Lifestyle"


 Nancy Jacob, an artist from Hollowel, Maine with her art car. Nancy helped me a lot with a cover design of my book.


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With Amy Baez, author of the book "What Poetic Eyes Speak"


With Hants White, 91, the Maine author, his wife (far right) and his assistant.

Book signing in the Whole Foods Market (Sandy Springs) in Atlanta

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