Should you ask me whatís best to eat,

Iíll tell you: eat right for your type, you should

Eat raw fruits, veggies, not milk and meat,

And donít stuff your face with food.

Chinese Xu Fang does not eat at all,

Food does not charge her body a toll.

Drinking just water and breathing air,

She radiates health with her skin and her hair.

To spare your kidneys, donít drink much water.

Your friend is carbon dioxide, not oxygen.

Have enough quality sleep, snooze, and then

Exercise more than your son or daughter.

Enjoy your sex, but avoid frequent ejaculation.

Yours then is good health, long life, and liberation.


Foundations of Health

"The only way to keep your health is to eat what you donít want,

drink what you donít like, and do what youíd rather not."

--Mark Twain

"Self-control is the basic law of health."

--Henry Lindlahr, M.D.

Letting philosophers argue about the old question--that is, whether reality is of the nature of thought (mind over matter) or whether all phenomena, including those of the mind, are due to material agencies (matter over mind)--we will go straight to our objective: in achieving longevity, both body and mind must be equally healthy. It is a widely accepted hypothesis in biology that a human is "Önot mind and body, but body and mind in one. Body is one aspect of this unity, mind is another," said H.G. Wells, et al., in their book, The Science of Life. "Man, in this hypothesis, is not Mind plus Body; he is a Mind-Body," they added. It is only for convenience that we distinguish between body, mind, and spirit, and separately study physiological and psychological aspects of the unity, which is a single universal human being.


                                           Chapter 15.  DIET AND NUTRITION

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