Our thoughts are the language of the mind,

And they are energy and they are matter.

If they are obedient, controlled, and kind,

You have peace and joy and feel better.

Thoughts always flow; they arrive and disappear.

They drag you into the past from now and here,

They pull you into the future, can act upon you tougher,

The draught of disturbing thoughts makes you suffer.

Emotions like hate, fear, anger, and greed

Harm your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Be here and now, use breathing, observe: with all it

You’ll master your thoughts and emotions indeed.

Raw foods in your diet and fasts will increase creativity,

And mind exercises give your brain health and longevity.





To feel or not to feel, there is no such question. No one can deny that our life would be flavorless and flat without emotions. An unemotional person is often given the non-appealing nickname "robot." Humans and their emotions are inseparable, and a lack of emotions, feelings, and sensations is abnormal. Feeling to the full is the essence of life. The history of humanity from the beginning of time is the interplay of emotions. Emotions have been a never-ending field of research from ancient to modern times. Philosophers, thinkers, psychics, and psychologists--to name just a few categories--have always been concerned with people's emotions. In the discussion of human emotions and thoughts (see the next chapter) and some approaches to control them, I employ both psychological and metaphysical resources.

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