"Cooked Delicious food destroyed mankind."

--Nickolai M. Amosov, M.D., Russian academician of medicine


"Donít bring dead cells inside your body."

--Souren Arakelyan, Ph.D.


Cooked and Raw Food

The overwhelming majority of this planet's population eats cooked food. Many people do not suspect that there is another way of eating. Even vegans, the strictest of all vegetarians, cook their beans, grains, and vegetables. The contemporary medicine and nutrition science paradigm implies that to render foods digestible and easier to assimilate, they must be cooked. Indeed, it is difficult to digest raw rice, wheat, or oats, and vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and pumpkin--if lightly cooked--become more digestible. It goes without question that animal foods like meat, poultry, eggs, and fish are required to be "well-done" rather than lightly cooked. However, there are places and societies where meat and fish are eaten raw. The Eskimos and Siberian Yakuts--who eat frozen raw meat and fat--and the Japanese--who eat raw fish known as sushi and sashimi--are just a few examples, but it does not mean that other people should eat their meat or fish uncooked. Raw meat may have parasites and viruses, which can cause many health hazards. The majority of meat- and fish-eaters throughout the world cooks their meat and fish.

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